Realizing a desperate need to rebuild family life and in response to a major pandemic of the HIV/AIDS infected and affected children, twin sisters Beverley Olbers and Rene van Meygaarden (Nee Carew) initiated with the help of the Bishops at that time, a way of life for those who wish to dedicate their lives to caring for the children affected/infected by this virus.

Our 1st Mother of Peace community opened in Zimbabwe in response to the such pandemic. Early years in Zimbabwe were very different as no ARVs medicines and Social Services were not in place and many little souls passed away. USA organisations eventually helped with a few ARV’S. Now they are available to all and life expectancy has greatly improved.

In today’s economic times, we are finding it more and more difficult to keep supplying the necessary food and other essentials for the children. We have 27 children living with us and only 12 children receive the Social Grants (+/- R900) per month and cost per child per month is R2850. As you can see this is a major shortfall and friends and family pick up a large amount of that but each month brings major financial worries.

We would dearly hope to broaden our base of smaller donors who can support us each month with whatever they can afford. Each little amount helps. PLEASE consider supporting our family