Major Projects

Fire Protection: We need irrigation on the thatch roof of our Chapel in case of fire and smoke detectors in the house and both Park Homes.

Security: Electric fencing for the top of two boundary walls linked to an alarm.

Signage: A big sign at the entrance to warn visitors to beware of children playing with a speed limit of 10Km an hour.

JRA Signage to guide visitors to Mother of Peace

Building and Maintenance: Chapel roof needs re-thatching.

The large park home needs renovation – the bathroom – (two encapsulated showers) and new cupboard under the basin.

The bedroom and passage cupboards need repair, the interior wooden walls also need repair and the windows need new curtain rails for tab type curtains. We also have to replace the thatch roof covering the Park Home with different roofing.

Building repairs and maintenance: Several glass window panes need replacing in the house and the large Park Home. Several door handles also need to be replaced.

Driveway and paving for cars. During the rainy season the driveway gets washed away and is impossible to navigate.  Pathways for wheelchairs to make areas accessible for those who are wheelchair bound. 

Windmill and batteries to lessen the electricity amoount.

Rental of Skips for the removal of useless items.