1. Six children need specialised education at a trade school. Fees are R2000 per month per child.
  2. Basic schoolwear such as white shirts, long grey trousers, grey socks, girls white school socks, etc.
  3. Stationery – Blue pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, glue sticks, scissors, 72pg A4 exercise books, 192pg A4 hard cover exercise books, Exam pads, pencil cases/bags, plastic book bags (enveloopes)
  4. Copy Paper for the printer
  5. Epson 365L Ink Tank Printer – Ink refills
  6. internet access


  1. Fruit and vegetables
  2. Peanut butter and jam
  3. Margarine
  4. Soya mince
  5. Tinned goods (baked beans, curried mixed veg, pilchards, etc….)
  6. French Polony
  7. Pkts of Brown Onion Soup
  8. Chicken Spice
  9. Bbq Spice
  10. Pasta (spaghetti or macaroni)
  11. Milk (long life 6 pack)
  12. Coarse Mabela, Oats, Mielemeal, Cereal or Morvite
  13. Sugar
  14. Tea
  15. Coffee
  16. Cooking oil                                      
  17. Mayonaise
  18. Tomato Sauce
  19. Cheese
  20. Fish Portions
  21. Mince meat
  22. Stewing meat


  1. Deodorants for boys and girls
  2. Bath soap
  3. Toothpaste
  4. Tooth brushes
  5. Vaseline
  6. Shampoo and Conditioner
  7. Toilet paper
  8. Sanitary Towels


  1. Brooms and dustpans
  2. Mops
  3. Long Feather duster
  4. Toilet Paper
  5. Toilet brushes
  6. Domestos or Home Guard (Safe for Septic Tanks)
  7. Washing Powder and Fabric Softener and Jik
  8. Washline pegs
  9. Pot Scourers, tea towels, dish cloths
  10. Dishwashing Liquid
  11. Tin Foil and Glad Wrap
  12. Furniture Polish
  13. Oven Cleaner
  14. Pine Gel or Handy Andy
  15. Black shoe polish and brushes

Repairs and Maintenance

To make a drain to catch rain water runoff which destroys our driveway and parking area. The estimated cost for cement and strong mesh over the drain about 500mm wide and 500mm deep will be R5000.